How To Check My Iqama StatusHow To Check My Iqama Status

As a matter of fact, this is to make a record at MOL yet we won’t make the record yet will simply check our Iqama reparatio iqama expiry,

Indeed, one can check the Iqama Expiry Date without an enrolled Absher account by utilizing an Absher record of any of his companions, relative. You simply need to enter his Iqama number at Step – 9 above.’Just get your Iqama and you will see the expiry date plainly referenced on it. Indeed, you can change over the Hijri date to Georgian Calendar to see better. See beneath picture for your benefit

In the event that you have old Iqama, at that point you can see the expiry date rather than the iqama issue date, there you can discover it and request that any Arabic person read it for you those numbers in the event that you can’t make it. This date may contrast a little on the off chance that you have reestablished your Iqama and as you get it a couple of days ahead of schedule than the genuine expiry date.

On the new Iqama rather than the expiry date, you will see the Iqama issue date. Simply figure and add Hijri year from that point to get the termination date

This is currently making an issue that on the off chance that you will apply for Kuwait, at that point they are requesting expiry date as on new Iqama it isn’t referenced. For this, you can contact the Ministry of Interior – MOI KSA. We trust the issue will be settled as quickly as time permits.

Iqama is otherwise called Iqama or Muqeem Card resembles personality cards we have in different nations. This is for exiles working in Saudi Arabia as it were. In different nations, the laborer will have an identification with a visa stepped however in Saudi Arabia Iqama is given which has a ton of data associated with it.

An Iqama is verification that you are a lawful laborer here in KSA on the off chance that not, at that point you may get in a tough situation.

Everything like your financial balance, driving permit, vehicle protection, settlements back home, vehicle protection, restorative protection, and so on are associated with it.

Your support or the Kafeel will make this for you are paying the resulting charge at the Ministry of Labor. Regularly, the visa you landed here is legitimate for a quarter of a year just and inside this period you need to apply and get this Muqeem/Iqama card generally punishment will be forced.

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